Who are we?

Trenchless Construction Services, L.L.C. was founded in 1999 as a small Horizontal Directional Drilling Company. Our mission began and remains to provide our clients with trenchless construction services reflecting the highest level of customer service, product quality, and value in the industry. Since 1999 we have expanded our capabilities and remain committed to our core values of providing the highest quality work in an environment that fosters long-term relationships with our customers and employees, and a work ethic that supports continuous improvement.

We are currently licensed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii  with the experience and resources to take on projects anywhere.

What we do

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Our fleet of 8 Horizontal Directional Drills (24,000lbs to 250,000lbs units) allow us to provide a full range of HDD Installations, from short small diameter conduit roadway crossings to large diameter grade sensitive utility installations.

Pilot Tube Micro-Tunneling

Our BOHRTEC BM400LS Pilot Tube Micro-Tunneling Machine allows us to install steel or clay jacking pipe from 8” to 36” diameter for extremely sensitive line and grade utility installations.

Auger Boring

Our Auger Boring Equipment allows us to install steel casings from 6” to 48” diameter.  For longer grade and alignment sensitive applications, our Auger Boring Equipment can be used in conjunction with our Pilot Tube Micro-Tunneling Equipment.

Pipe Ramming

Our GRUNDORAM KOLOSS Pipe Ramming Machine and support equipment allows us to install 16” to 36” steel casings. Industry leaders in the rental of pipe ramming equipment are used for larger diameter casing installations.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

We supply a number of trenchless pipe replacement solutions.

Support Services

We own and operate a full line of certified HDPE fusion and electrofusion equipment.  In addition, we provide a full range of drill fluid vacuum, transportation, and recycling equipment.